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Due to space contraints, I'll only be featuring the current and previous eleven months' collections. 

The links to the rest of my APAD photos are below. 

APAD 2011 series

APAD 2012 series 

APAD 2013 series

APAD 2014 series

APAD 2015 series

APAD 2016 series

APAD 2017 series

APAD 2018 series

APAD 2019 series

APAD 2020 series 

APAD 2021 series

Current Series


All things appear different when seen through another set of eyes

Adeline 02.12.2012 09:53

Dom, tks for sharing yr project, ESP liked the public toilets n quote on Mind is like an umbrella, only useful when open.

Dom 02.12.2012 09:54

Thanks for dropping by, Ade. Glad you enjoyed them. Do come by regularly - there are new photos uploaded daily.

Dom 01.12.2012 08:41

You should start, Jason. Just do it. I find it a great sense of achievement.

robo_fish 01.12.2012 02:50

Have been thinking about APAD for some time now, but didn't have the courage to do it. After reading about your APAD I am thinking about it again.

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17.01 | 03:10

Happy New Year, bro! Nice to hear from you 😃

16.01 | 00:53

Happy New Year, Dom. Stay safe!

25.05 | 13:03

Thanks thanks. No need buy lunch. Just kopi as usual good enough 😅

25.05 | 03:39

Hey, it’s someone’s BIRTHDAY today!
Happy Birthday!! Buy you belated lunch when we get together again. 😄