APAD - July 2021

Discuss over tea

Make way for others

Power nap

Big screen


Comfort break

Just arrived

Leads to nowhere

Retail therapy

No available lots

Ready cash

Between the crack

Make friends



Child's play

Mood swing


Common interest

Web of circumstance

Comfort food

Out of each other's way

Safe practice

Customer safety

Fruit picking

Like bees to honey

Drawn by food

Matters of the heart

Take shelter

Music appreciation

Perfect framing

Latest comments

17.01 | 03:10

Happy New Year, bro! Nice to hear from you 😃

16.01 | 00:53

Happy New Year, Dom. Stay safe!

25.05 | 13:03

Thanks thanks. No need buy lunch. Just kopi as usual good enough 😅

25.05 | 03:39

Hey, it’s someone’s BIRTHDAY today!
Happy Birthday!! Buy you belated lunch when we get together again. 😄