APAD - Aug 2021



Juice up

Say again


Quiet moment

Long lonely road

No longer secret

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Thorny issue

Simple pleasures

Go all out

Ring fence

Safe on the street

Shadow work


On assignment

Hunger pangs

Fishy business

Cycle of life

Big beer, small beer

Skin off my back

Not to be taken lightly

Walk in the park

All over the map

Pulled along

Getting some fresh air

Different folks

Family time

Look up

Faithful partner

Latest comments

17.01 | 03:10

Happy New Year, bro! Nice to hear from you 😃

16.01 | 00:53

Happy New Year, Dom. Stay safe!

25.05 | 13:03

Thanks thanks. No need buy lunch. Just kopi as usual good enough 😅

25.05 | 03:39

Hey, it’s someone’s BIRTHDAY today!
Happy Birthday!! Buy you belated lunch when we get together again. 😄