A Camera For Every Occasion

What Shall I Wear Today?

Like a lady who takes along a Made-in-Paris-Prada to a wedding dinner and an LV-look-alike for some other less elaborate events, we photographers have our fair share of headaches when matching a camera to an occasion. 

My Sony A7 is my go-to gear.  Purchased pre-loved, unintended knocks and scratches has made its way to its body without any heart pain.  I used adapted lenses on the A7, my all time facourite is a rare Canon LTM 50mm f2.2 (circa 1960).

When on my own, I like to take it slow

When on my own, I like to take it slow - it's the Leica MP, without a doubt.  On this is my all-time favourite Leitz 35mm f2.8 Summaron - sharp even when wide open, with some of the infamous Leica dream look. When I feel nostalgic, I'll reach out for my 1956 Leica M3.  Buttery smooth gears after 6 decades of exercise given to it.  Lovely!

For family vacations, it's again my A7 unless I am adventurous enough to lug along my M3 and some rolls of film.  It's a challenge to get airport security to agree to visually checking my camera bag instead of rolling it through their "MRI" machine.

To the beach or walking doggo, its none other than my Sony RX100V.

On days that I am manning the phone at the volunteer centre, I'd take along a camera of my choice just to have it in my hands or sit it at my table.

Sounds complicating?  But then again, remember - we're guys who will never know whether a Ferragamo smells different from a Bvlgari.  However, we are certain the level of pain is indistinguishable between a lady who's gotten her first scratch on a new Gucci, and in our case, the Leica.

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