Written by Dawn on 20. Feb, 2013
Hi Dominic, a nice blog done by a nice person =) Great way to enjoy/view life through lens.

Written by Dom on 5. Dec, 2012
Thank you for visiting, Christopher. You’re exactly right to say that APAD makes me visualise differently. I now see almost everything creatively, so it’s a departure from the usual WYSIWYG. For the benefit of those who do not know DR Khng, he is my eye surgeon and also an avid photographer. Thanks, once again Christopher, for helping me see better.

Written by DR Christopher Khng on 4. Dec, 2012
Dear Dominic, great to see your website. I really like many of the photos you posted!
I'm most impressed by the pictures in your APAD project. It requires a lot of discipline and commitment to go do that.
I must say that if you do this everyday it must help your "seeing" and previsualization.

Written by Dom on 2. Dec, 2012
No way that I'm building a career. No longer as young as you are, Alan. Appreciate your dropping by.

Written by Alan Go on 2. Dec, 2012
That's lots good pictures...! you building a career in photo journalism arh ...

Written by Dom on 2. Dec, 2012
Ok - I know who you are. Only one person addresses me that way. Nonetheless, to answer your question, Skeen is now 6 years old.

Written by M on 2. Dec, 2012
Didn't know Skeen can read and write? Now primary what huh?

Written by Dom on 1. Dec, 2012
Great to hear from you, Aeden. Encouraging comments from the "best enemy" is hard to come by. Have a great weekend!

Written by Dom on 1. Dec, 2012
Thanks for signing in, mm. You're too modest. How can your photos suck when you're the one who's been teaching me the tricks to good birding? Take care and let's plan to shoot together in Jan.

Written by Aeden (your best enemy) on 1. Dec, 2012
Nice work Dom ... the photos, the write up & most important the volunteering work.
Leaving a legacy er :)
All the best on this for someone with everything already :)

Written by mm on 1. Dec, 2012
Cool site Dom.

Great to see that you embarked on this journey. I don't have the patience to do this & moreover, my photos sucks.
All the best in your dreams in photography & also in your volunteering work for the lest fortunate.
Take care & maybe we'll meet up one of these days. Cheerio

Written by Dom on 1. Dec, 2012
Thanks for your note, papajanggo33.

Yes, it's really been some time since we last met. But hey, we DID bump into each other briefly at Botanic Gardens, right? It was an outing organised by peterpan, if I'm not wrong.

Ok - I'll PM you at ClubSNAP soon.


Written by papajanggo33 aka joe on 30. Nov, 2012
Hi Dom,

It's been ages since we last had the coffee @ Sungei Buloh, remember? Maybe can catch up with you (and your cam) someday.

Nice work, I enjoy viewing them. No photos is too dull to me.

Do add me in FB too if u have http://facebook.com/janggo.rayz


Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joaqimselest
Written by skeen on 30. Nov, 2012
Ssssssst Sssssssst

Written by Kevin on 30. Nov, 2012
Yah saw most of your masterpieces. Very impressed - stunning professional and your gluttons' corner makes me drool - now I'm hungry

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Happy New Year, bro! Nice to hear from you 😃

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Happy New Year, Dom. Stay safe!

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Happy Birthday!! Buy you belated lunch when we get together again. 😄