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How it all began ..

Pictured here are Mutton, Skin and Skinny (Darlene's and Janelle's bears). Many times, when I feel down, I look at them and they seem to tell me in their own simple and innocent ways, "C'mon, it ain't that bad!". Yes, there's still a child in me.

In August 2011, I embarked on a project called "APAD" or A-Photo-A-Day. I wasn't sure if I could keep with the discipline of capturing an image each day - after all, some of my photo "kakis" gave up after a while.

Fast forward to Nov 2012. I am proud that I am still on it, religiously taking a few photos each day, choosing one for my APAD Project and using my Flickr account to house the collection. Yes, there were times when I had skipped a day, but I was quickly back on track. There were days when the camera wasn't with me and I had to use my iPhone. But hey, don't under-estimate its capability.

I slowly realised that this stream reflects how I see the things around me. My very own small world. So much to see, so much to miss if I don't take notice, so much to share with people around me. They are my eyes and my thoughts.  It reflects my mood, too - if you look hard enough.

I now aim to create this Photo Stream so that my family and friends can walk with me in my small world, see the things I see. I do not have much worldly possessions. I only hope that this simple stream will outlive me, provide for those who find it a source of comfort, enlightenment, inspiration or strength in their daily lives or simply for those who would like to view them and keep me in their thoughts after I am long gone.

I apologise if any of my photos discomfort you - it's not intended to be so. Also, forgive my limited language capabilities. There are times when I have forgotten the grammar and tenses that I learned in school but I try to keep this Website easy to read and not use big words - I don't have much of these to use, in any case.

Enjoy the Website. Enjoy life. Enjoy the people around you. Do not be a slave to material possessions - you can't take them with you when your time is up. We all came into this world with empty hands and we will leave it with hands just as empty. However, be sure to make an impression in the lives of those close to you. 

I dedicate this Blog to my two 2 lovely daughters, Darlene and Janelle - who have been my source of inspiration and support.

God bless!


Nov 24, 2012

SHOOT ANALOG 16.01.2022 00:53

Happy New Year, Dom. Stay safe!

Dom 17.01.2022 03:10

Happy New Year, bro! Nice to hear from you 😃

AnalogueOnly 25.05.2021 03:39

Hey, it’s someone’s BIRTHDAY today!
Happy Birthday!! Buy you belated lunch when we get together again. 😄

Dom 25.05.2021 13:03

Thanks thanks. No need buy lunch. Just kopi as usual good enough 😅

Chris 16.06.2015 01:44

Hey Dom, why so quiet of late?

Dom 16.06.2015 02:15

Thanks for the short message, Chris

I've still been updating my APAD! Less travelling now that Jocelyn travels to Boston to visit Darlene without me!!

Maureen 09.02.2013 09:27

A blessed Lunar New Year to you and your family, Dom!
I can tell those soft toys have been well-loved over the years...nice

Dom 14.02.2013 15:35

A very Happy New Year of the Snake to you and your loved ones, Maureen

Matt 01.01.2013 07:34

May 2013 be a year of blessings, bright as the largest camera lens you have!

dom 01.01.2013 09:36

Haha! Happy New Year, Matt

David 01.01.2013 05:09

Happy New Year, Dom

dom 01.01.2013 09:34

Season's greetings, David

Dom 08.12.2012 01:15

Thanks, William. Do feel free to forward this link to those who still remember me.

William Mor 07.12.2012 00:01

A very interesting journey

Vincent Siew 04.12.2012 04:24

Lovely initiative... well done!

Dom 04.12.2012 05:03

Thanks for the encouragement, Vincent. Do drop by regularly.

Victor Yeow 03.12.2012 08:52

Ha..ha...ha...Dom, this is for people who got the time and don't know what to do. One fine day, I too can do this but for now it is merely a dream.

Dom 03.12.2012 14:15

I'm sure your dream will become a reality soon, like how it is for me, Victor.

Rashbar 02.12.2012 06:26

Best photo is the man in yellow and grey hair snapping a picture on the homepage

Dom 03.12.2012 14:13

Grey hair? What grey hair? Thanks for visiting, Rashbar

robo_fish (Flickr) 01.12.2012 02:33

Very nice website Nick. Nice introduction into your life and I especially like the pictures of the bears Haha!

Dom 01.12.2012 08:47

Thanks for the compliment, Jason. The bears are also my favourite.

Joe Kang 29.11.2012 15:19

Great introduction, Dom

Dom 30.11.2012 01:50

Thanks for dropping by, Joe. Would welcome any feedback

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17.01 | 03:10

Happy New Year, bro! Nice to hear from you 😃

16.01 | 00:53

Happy New Year, Dom. Stay safe!

25.05 | 13:03

Thanks thanks. No need buy lunch. Just kopi as usual good enough 😅

25.05 | 03:39

Hey, it’s someone’s BIRTHDAY today! Happy Birthday!! Buy ...